A note on verb raising and cliticization

Ann Lobeck, Yves Roberge


It is a well-known fact that weak forms of subject and object pronouns in French, Trentino, Fiorentino, Piraha, and other languages are cliticized onto the inflected verb of their sentence. It has been argued in the literature that subject clitics are generated in AGR of INFL where they serve the function of licensing an empty pronominal pro in external argument position." In this sense, they serve the purpose of recovering the identity of the missing information represented in syntax by the empty argument. In the first section of this paper, the different options that arise in order to account for the clitic status of the subject pronouns are explored. We concentrate on French but the analysis adopted here could be extended to other languages having both subject clitics and syntactic structures similar to the one found in French


Subject Cliticization; Verb Raising; Coordination; AGR; INFL

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