Antigemination in structure preservation of the CV tier

Regina Moorcroft


McCarthy (1986) argues that antigemination within morphemes is an OCP effect. In the first section of this paper I will show that there are a number of difficulties with his argument. In the second section I will argue that antigemination effects are better explained as an effect of Structure Preservation (Kiparsky 1982, 1985), which repairs the effect of rules that change the CV tier in cases where that tier is itself a morpheme in some sense. I will also argue that rules repairing the CV tier have precedence over rules affecting only the segmental tier. My argument is based partly on a theory of government operating between syllable constituents, both within syllables and across syllable boundaries, which will be outlined briefly at the beginning of the second section.


Antigemination; Obligatory Contour Principle; CV Tier

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