Morphological variation in the conjunct order among the Cree dialects

Eun Bi Kang


This paper attempts to provide theoretical accounts for two cases of morphological variation found in the conjunct order of the Cree dialects. The first half examines the complementary distribution of the reflexes of Pre-Cree *-ik ­and *­-wa:w whereas the second half analyses the differences and distribution of the obviative markers, reflexes of Pre-Cree *-ah, *-im and *-ri. Syntactic and crosslinguistic evidence suggests the former is a result of morphological dissimilation. The reflexes of *-ah are concluded to be general obviative marker while *-im and *-ri are given more specific designations depending on the dialect. Cree’s unique treatment of obviative forms is also briefly discussed.


Complementary Distribution; Conjunct Order; Cree; Morphological Dissimilation; Obviation

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