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Vol 33 (2010)

Editors: Joanna Chociej, Richard Compton, Ailis Cournane, Derek Denis, Monica Irimia, Annick Morin, Alexandra Motut, Will Oxford, and Michelle St-Amour.

Table of Contents


Notes On the Discourse Features of Persian-speaking Parkinsonian Patients PDF
Arezoo Adibeik
Uptalk - Towards a quantitative analysis PDF
Martina Di Gioacchino, Lorena Crook Jessop
The Social Stratification of (r) in Boston PDF
Joshua Levy
Second language versus third language acquisition: A comparison of the English lexical competence of monolingual and bilingual students PDF
Timea Molnár
Merge over Move and the empirical force of economy in Minimalism PDF
Alexandra Motut
L'expressivité de 'n'importe quel' PDF
Sandrine Pescarini
Implicatures Derived through Maxim Flouting in Print Advertising. A Contrastive Empirical Approach PDF
Anisoara Pop
Ironic Metaphor Interpretation PDF
Mihaela Popa
Child phoneme errors are not substitutions PDF
Peter T Richtsmeier
Vulnerable L2 Semantics: the Case of Russian Dative Subjects PDF
Ulyana Savchenko
Moroccan Arabic Consonant Harmony:A Multiple Causation Hypothesis PDF
Georgia Zellou

ISSN: 1718-3510