The nominal phrase in Korean: The role of D in a “determiner-less” language

Eugenia Suh


This paper examines the structure of the nominal phrase in Korean, a language without definite or indefinite articles. In particular, I focus on the issue of whether these nominal phrases can be analyzed as being dominated by DPs despite the lack of overt “Determiners” in Korean. This paper reanalyzes the evidence put forth for the presence of the DP in English and its role, and in an examination of prenominal functional elements in Korean, such as Demonstratives, Quantifiers, and the Genitive clitic, I conclude that there are no Determiners in the sense of those which appear in languages such as English. Rather, the DP, if it exists at all, has a very limited role in the phrasal structure of Korean.


Korean; Nominal Phrase; Determiners

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